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Bela Rangpar
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Tel:088498 71703
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Titanium Vitrified Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 2016 has set up a ceramic vitrified tile manufacturing plant in Morbi, with the total installed capacity of 54000 MTS. The project has an installed capacity of 54000 MTS. The capacity utilisation has been projected at 40% for the 1st year, going up to 72% in the 5th year. The cost of the project has been estimated at Rs. 30.50 Crs and is to be funded by Bank borrowings of Rs. 17.00 Crs, Promoter’s contribution of Rs. 10.50 Crs and unsecured loans of Rs. 3.00 Crs. The credit facilities have been sanctioned by the bank.


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Corp Office Bela Rangpar Rangpar 363641 Rajkot Gujarat 088498 71703

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