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Company Name:Ginni Refractories Pvt Ltd
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At/Vill: Lamloi,
P.O. Rajgangpur
City:Rajgangpur 770017 Sundergarh Odisha
Tel:06624-221399/ 7477777444
Mktg-Email :[email protected]
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Ginni Refracories Pvt Ltd was set up as a partnership firm (M/s. Shree Ram Steel Industries) in the year 2000 for manufacturing monolithics. Subsequently, in July 2008, the firm was converted into a private limited company and was rechristened to its present name. In April 2009, the company discontinued production of monolithics and started production of refractory grogs at Jourmal (Odisha) with an installed capacity of 12,000 Metric Tonnes Per Annum (MTPA). During April 2011, the company has expanded its operations in Lamloi, Odisha for manufacturing grogs and grinded materials with installed capacity of 18,000 MTPA and 12,000 MTPA, respectively. The company manufactures grinded materials and refractory grogs of different qualities like calcined MAG carbon, mixed grog, silicon carbide grog, high alumina grog, fire bricks grog, which it sells to refractory units making bricks for steel and cement plants. Apart from manufacturing, the company is also involved in trading of grogs.


Piyush Agarwal– Director
Anand Kumar Agrawal– Director
Shalini Agrawal– Director
Piyush Agrawal– Director

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Plant At/Vill: Lamloi, P.O. Rajgangpur Rajgangpur 770017 Sundergarh Odisha 06624-221399/ 7477777444 [email protected]

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